put together to reach my target audience to complete
the project the FLUFFYTHON - the largest group portrait of hairdressers

After about 13 years, the current forum can no longer continue, the e-blah site is no longer supported, and dispite being patched up, due to the vunerablity issues that existed as a result of this, my web hosting hosting company will no longer allow me to keep it online, and its uses where limited.

But they have provided me with a free database so I can build a more mordern forum with greater features that should survive the passage of time

I have full back up of the old site, so I am hoping to convert that, and put that back up online as a reference, all your posts will be preserved

in adition, I hjave also brought hairdressersforum.uk and some more webspace, like everything digital, it needs a backup, lots of new skills to learn

any questions, adverts, reciprical links, ideas you would like added, please send me an email, previous members will receive an invite to a new site, if you would like your name added to mailing list, again please email me


many thanks